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My name is Ian, 55 years and is married to Jan 30. Now xvideos we have swings for 5 years with Bob and Jenny - as old as us, and we've been friends before we married. In fact, Bob uses a home with me and another friend Share Graham in the 1970's, and then what happened, was now swinging adventure. Bob used to take Jenny back home to stay, and Jenny has always been very flirty and playful with a great sense of humor. One night in 1978 had, she and Bob had to eat, came back and brought home. Not drunk, but very fun and it was obvious he had a good night. My room xvideos was next to Bob, and some nights I love the sounds of them, to hear through the walls. I had gone to bed when he got home, but could hear them laugh and laugh and then the sound of squeaking bed next door, as they went about it. I could not imagine otherwise, Jenny - slim blonde, natural, very prEtty, with long legs xvideos and a xvideos slender figure - Bob riding in the bed in the room next door. The rustling stopped and I could hardly distinguish the sounds of a conversation, but not the words. The conversation was very heated at one point and then sank into laughter. The next thing I knew was a gentle slap on my bedroom door, opened it and I could make Jenny's naked slim silhouette in the dark. I froze, I had to remind myself to breathe. The bedroom door closed, and now is very dark - my bed is turned away, and I felt a hand on my cock - it was now fully awake, and fast curing. I felt a moist heat around my penis, then urging a drawing of the tongue and teeth of ridicule to the length of my penis is now erect. I put my hand on her head, her blond curls feeling running through xvideos my fingers as I sucked and played xvideos with my penis. Jenny was lying on the floor, kneeling on the edge of my bed, my head busy with my cock, her left hand on themy balls with his right hand rubbing his chest. I pulled my hand from her hair, neck and back, but could not reach his ass. The joy of my dick sucked by these sexy girl, young and pretty to fight now with the guilt I felt in the game with the girl of my friend. 'Jenny, why are you here, what 's going on? ' I managed to whisper. The xvideos suction is stopped, looked up. 'Bob, can not until this afternoon, and I have to be fucked. Do not worry, I have often threatened to upset Bob and to seduce, and he's fine with him. Now move xvideos over and give me room to lie down beside her . ' that shuffled the bed, and Jenny was quiet with me, your hand jerks his cock now that you are interested in him, his mouth was looking for and we kissed, his pierced tongue urgently mouth plays with me. Without further ado, he got on me, I felt her hard nipples on my chest as we kissed and ate each other. ' The right of all, I am taking the pill. ' She whispered in mand ear, as she uses her hand to the unrestrained position and suddenly penis came up to me and I felt her pussy juices flow from me. is ' Mmmmm........ your cock feels so good to me,' Jenny now mount me -. First slowly, then faster and more urgent, because they were lost in love. I tried to football, work, nothing to stop thinking come early, not used for sex - my last girlfriend had months. I thought Jenny 's ass in my hands and uses it for me slowly rebound, but I could feel she can not last much longer. When he was about to enter into Jenny, xvideos I wanted to take it correctly. He shot me now, has my hands to push up and grabbed her legs behind the knees. Jenny knew what she wanted, and she spread her legs and lifted so that his feet were on my shoulders. I pulled out my hard cock in her pussy, then back, then again and again. She shuddered, groaned ad say. 'Yes, yes, yes,' I felt that my sperm is injected into Jenny, she felt it too. ' Mmmmmmm.... nice and moist and warm,' she whispered. We - difficulty breathing - what to do now? xvideos I had picked only my daughters girlfriend, and he knew it. Jenny kissed my cheek, 'Do not worry, Ian, he'll be fine. ' And so they got out of bed and went back to Bob. To be continued....
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